The specific purpose of the Resin Designs adhesive products is to provide structural bonding between various substrates, such as metal, glass, and plastic. These products can be used across multiple industries including electronics, aerospace, and military.

Medical & Biocompatible Adhesives: 

  • 1 and 2 component Epoxy, Polyurethane, and UV curable options
  • Direct and indirect food contact versions available
  • Applications
    • Needle bonding
    • Catheter bonding and assembly
    • Medical device assembly

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Adhesives PolyurethanePolyurethane Adhesives: 

  • Thermosetting resins.
  • High toughness and good adhesion to plastics, rubber, metals, and glass.
  • Flexible and have good resistance to water and solvents.

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Adhesives UV AcrylateUV Cure Acrylate Adhesives: 

  • Fast curing with exposure to UV light, typically in 30 seconds.
  • Widely used for encapsulation and bonding clear plastics or glass.
  • Range from quite flexible to rigid.

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B-stage Epoxy FilmB-Stage Epoxy Film

  • All solid material.
  • Excellent control of the quantity and placement of adhesive
  • Provided in a sheet, roll, or custom preform formats.
  • Ideal for bonding large areas or complex shapes of any size.

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Adhesives Epoxy LiquidEpoxy Liquids Adhesives:

  • Generally rigid and have excellent chemical resistance.
  • Two-part liquid products cure at room temperature and will cure more quickly when heated.
  • High cohesive strength and excellent adhesion to metals, ceramics, glass, rubber, and some plastics.

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