Silicone products from Resin Designs are uniquely formulated to provide benefits to many different types of applications. The primary use is soft, compressible seals in automotive connectors as well as pre-cured tapes, sheets and profiles with EMI/RFI or thermally conductive properties common in military and commercial electronics.

GelTek Pads:

  • Pre-cured pads featuring high tack surface on one or both sides with a release liner
  • Available with low-tack or foam-backed surface for die-cut shapes
  • Offered in small or large slit rolls up to 18 – 20in wide

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Thermal Gap Pads:

  • Thickness range from 0.25 – 5.0mm and thermal conductivity from 0.8 – 3.5W/mK
  • Low durometer (Shore OO) to reduce stress on electrical components
  • Supplied in rolls or die-cut shapes on a release liner

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Thermally conductive encapsulants


  • Gray low viscosity, two-part liquid with >3.5W/mK thermal conductivity
  • Cures at room temperature in 4hrs or can be heat cured in minutes at 125°C
  • Available in 25Kg pails.

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