HumiSeal® Announces Revolutionary Masking Materials for Conformal Coating Applications

HumiSeal®, a leading conformal coating manufacturer has announced the global launch of its entirely new range of masking products.  Available globally in a wide range of sizes, the product is available in tape or dot format and addresses many of the common issues normally associated with effective and reliable masking.

The semi-transparent masking tapes and dots are made from a polyester film coated with a silicone free adhesive designed for fast and accurate application. A high surface conformability ensures there is no leakage under the tape the advanced adhesive ensures that it easy to remove leaving no residue and a clean, sharp edge between the coated and the masked area.   Extensive evaluations have ensured that the new range of products meets PCB manufacturing needs.   The latest materials are also silicone free to avoid de-wetting around masked areas.

The specific benefits the new HumiSeal range of masking products include:

  • High surface conformabilitymasking-application-dots
  • Clean, easy removal
  • Clean, accurate separation line
  • Silicone free adhesive
  • Easy peel-off dots from carrier tape
  • Solvent resistant
  • Semi-transparency for accurate placement verification.

The new materials are available globally directly from HumiSeal or from our channel partners. Standard sizes specific board designs are available. For available sizes and custom design information go to:

Commenting on this new generation of masking materials Keith Waryold, Global Business Unit Director for HumiSeal, said:

“I am delighted that these products are now available to the industry. We have been developing the product range for some time, listening to customers, and trying to accommodate their requirements. These new dots and tapes represent an entirely new generation of masking materials, offering very good resistance to solvents while remaining silicone free”.

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