HumiSeal Strengthens Product Portfolio with Introduction of 2C51 – A Dual Use Conformal Coating and Potting Material

HumiSeal® is pleased to announce the release of a new two-part silicone conformal coating and potting material.   2C51 is a versatile, fast curing, and high dielectric strength material that can be tailored to the users’ application methodology.  

The 2C51 provides superior protection as a conformal coating or if used to fully encapsulate the PCB.   A simple 1 to 1 mix ratio assures accurate blending of the two parts, while its two color part packaging allows for easy verification of complete mixture.   The 2C51 autocatalytic cure enables curing without applied heat, although it can be accelerated with a mild temperature increase.  Full cure can be achieved in 30 minutes at 70oC or 60 minutes at room temperature.

The cured 2C51 is a transparent film with slight blue tint visible at higher thickness levels.   Strong dielectric properties will provide unmatched circuit protection.   This new 100% solid material with zero grams per liter VOCs enables an environmentally friendly application.

Features Benefits
Fast cure with capability to accelerate Reduced WIP via a short process cycle time
High solids / 0 VOC Environmental health and safety advantages
Low viscosity Extremely easy to apply especially in tight densities spaces
Suitable for conformal coating and potting Highly versatile for many different application scenarios to allow for enhanced manufacturing flexibility
High electrical resistivity Superior electrical protection for all substrates
Ease of use Consistent and simple mixing process

Keith Waryold (Vice President of Industrial Materials and Technology) said “We are excited about 2C51 and our continued efforts to innovate and provide enabling solutions to our users.   2C51 is another example of our continued effort to strengthen our portfolio of environmentally friendly technology.”

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