COVID-19 – Update: March 26th.

COVID-19 – Update: March 26th.

To Our Customers and Partners:

Just as it has for many of you, the spread of COVID-19 has taken center stage at Chase Corporation.  We continue to monitor the status of the virus daily with the goal of continuing the supply of products to our customers uninterrupted.

A number of our customers have identified as “Essential” operations and continue to manufacture products in their facilities.  Chase is committed to continue to supply to those customers operating in critical industries such as healthcare, utilities, infrastructure, telecommunications, and others.

Safety First

The health and safety of our employees, and our customers and partners, has always been a priority of everything we do, never more so than during this unprecedented virus outbreak.

We are taking all appropriate precautions to address the outbreak within our operations by following guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control.   This includes enhanced cleaning procedures in our facilities and social distancing.

Commitment to Customers

Our commitment is to maintain the production and flow of products to our customers as long as practicable.   We will continue to follow any protocols, rules or edicts prescribed by local, state and national authorities.

Resuming Manufacturing in Newark, CA

Operations at our Newark facility were temporarily suspended, but returned to full operation on March 25th, supplying products to companies in essential industries.

Temporary Suspension of Operations – Pune, India

In response to an order issued by the Indian government, our Pune, India facility has temporarily suspended production and shipments of products.  This Order, which took effect on March 21st, was not specific to Chase operations; it was directed to all businesses and citizens of India.  For those customers impacted by the temporary suspension, the Order covers the period from March 21 through April 15, 2020, after which we intend to fully resume operations.

Our remaining operations continue to manufacture and ship products to our customers uninterrupted.

Changing Environment

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this challenging period.  Please continue to check our website for any updates related to the  COVID-19 outbreak on our operations.

From all of us at Chase Corporation, we appreciate and thank you for your business and wish you well during this difficult period.

Your Partner,

Chase Corporation

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