HumiSeal Introduces UV92 a UV-Curable Thixotropic Masking Gel

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HumiSeal® is proud to introduce the new UV92 – a one part, thixotropic, UV curable masking gel for temporary protection of components during the coating process.   UV92 is user-friendly during application, curing, and removal process.   This product comes in various cartridge sizes and bulk packaging directly from HumiSeal and authorized channel partners.

Application of HumiSeal UV92 is simple due to its high shear thinning property, which allows the gel to reduce viscosity during dispensing. UV92 ease of dispensing and accuracy of placement by properly wetting the surface makes it ideal for protection of critical components. The material will return to its gel state when not sheared. The UV92 masking gel cures with industry standard UV LED lighting at 365nm or 405nm, and has excellent solvent resistance once cured.

In its cured state, the UV92 will have a cloudy white appearance for easy identification without the need of black light and is easily distinguishable from conformal coating. The UV92 can withstand short temperature excursions up to 150oC for various conformal coating cure methods.

Removal of UV92 is simple, as it will peel cleanly with minimal exertion and no residues. UV92 will not stain metallic surface finishes such as gold, copper, silver, tin.

Features Benefits
High solids / 0 VOC Environmental health and safety advantage
Milky white appearance Easily distinguished without the use of UV black light during application and after cure
Ease of application Easily applied by robotic, table top, or hand-held dispenser
Thixotropic with high shear thinning Conforms to the desired shape on PCB and extremely easy to apply especially in tight spaces
Fast UV Cure Reduced WIP via a short process cycle time
Will not interact with conformal coatings Will not peel freshly applied conformal coating from the surface of PCB
Able to withstand 150oC for short period of time Capable of various conformal coating curing methods
Easily peel-able Fast process after conformal coating application to remove mask
No Residue Leaves clean surface after removal
No tarnish on metal finished No oxidation or discoloration of metallic surface such as Sn, Ag, Au, Cu

Keith Waryold (Vice President of Industrial Materials and Technology) said “Focusing on our customer requests, we continuously provide new solutions to the market. UV92 is another example of an environmentally friendly material that has been long requested by our customers. It is an exciting addition to further complement our conformal coatings product portfolio. The technology team at HumiSeal continues to make large strides in product development and we expect to be introducing more offerings in the near future.”

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HumiSeal provides the widest selection of products to meet its customer’s tough electrical and environmental requirements for enhancing device circuit integrity. It manufactures over 60 coatings, thinners, strippers and masking materials and can also offer custom formulations to meet unusual specifications. HumiSeal® products are qualified to MIL-I-46058C, IEC 60664-3, UL 746E and IPC-CC-830 standards.

HumiSeal is an ISO TS-16949 qualified supplier.

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