Urethane Adhesive 2A20

Urethane Adhesive 2A20

HumiSeal® 2A20 is:

  • 2 component urethane-based
  • Low viscosity/soft formula
  • A general purpose adhesive and encapsulant

HumiSeal® 2A20 has:

  • No VOCs or solvent
  • Heat curing option
  • Excellent mechanical and thermal shock resistance
  • Superior adhesion to a variety of substrates
  • RoHS and REACH compliance

Application of HumiSeal® 2A20 

Cleanliness of the substrate is of extreme importance for the successful application of HumiSeal 2A20. Surfaces must be free of moisture, dirt, wax, grease, flux residues and all other contaminants. Adhesives can be successfully applied to substrates that have been cleaned prior to coating and also to substrates assembled with low residue “no clean” materials.  Users should perform adequate testing to confirm compatibility between the adhesives and their particular assembly materials, process conditions and cleanliness level.

HumiSeal® 2A20 is a 2-component (w/ heat option) cure, general purpose urethane adhesive/encapsulant. Medium viscosity with 1:1 mix ratio. Medium hardness with good flexibility. Wide range of applications with bonding capabilities to multiple substrates.

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Chemistry Urethane
Viscosity Part A (CPs) 9,000
Viscosity Part B (CPs) 9,000
Mix Ratio 1:1
Pot Life (min)* < 8
Handling Time (min)* 10
Full Cure** 18 hrs @ RT or 30 mins @ 65° C
Cure Type 2 component with heat option
Color Clear
Hardness D45
Operating Temp (°C) -50 to 100 C
Applications Multiple
Substrates Metals, Hard to Bond Plastics, Glass, Ceramics, PolyCarb, Electronics

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2A20 Urethane Adhesive Application Process

2A20 Urethane Adhesive Package 1

Step 1- 2A20 Urethane Adhesive container

2A20 Urethane Adhesives dispenser

Step 2- Fill up cartridges

2A20 Urethane Adhesive Placed In the Dispenser 3

Step 3- Place cartridges into the dispenser and lock them down

Urethane 2A20 Adhesive Removing Cartridge Lid 4

Step 4- Remove the Top

2A20 Urethane Adhesive Mix Using Sulzer Mixer 5

Step 5- Mix 2 components together with Sulzer mixer

2A20 Fully Mixed Urethane Adhesive Application 6

Step 6 -  After squeezing the material 3 times into a waste disposal to fully mix the material dispense the adhesive. Gel time is 8-10 mins. Allow 24 hrs to fully cure.
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