Masking Products

Masking Products

HumiSeal’s product range of masking materials meet the requirements of the electronics industry. These include silicone free adhesive backed masking tapes and performed die-cut shapes (dots). HumiSeal masking tapes and dots provide a clean edge when demasking. Masking tapes and dots can be provided in custom sizes. Please contact a HumiSeal representative or authorized distributor for more information.

HumiSeal masking product range includes HumiSeal TS300, liquid masking material and HumiSeal UV92 a liquid masking compound that cures in less than 2 minutes with any low energy UV light source.

HumiSeal® TS 300

is a non-flammable, high temperature, temporary mask specially designed and formulated to be used on printed circuit boards that require masking during the conformal coating process. 

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HumiSeal® UV92

Humiseal UV92 is a soft, one part, UV curable masking material.  HumiSeal® UV92 applies easily because of its shearing thinning viscosity profile and is 100% cured by exposure to UV to provide a temporary barrier to prevent ingress of coatings to keep out areas.

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