Masking Tapes & Dots

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Masking Tapes and Dots

Masking Tape and Dots are:

  • Polyester film coated with a thermosetting rubber adhesive
  • Semi-transparent
  • easily removable with no residue

Masking Tape and Dots have:

  • No silicone ingredients


The latest masking materials are completely silicone free to avoid de-wetting around masked areas. They are also extremely easy to apply and remove leaving no residue on the substrate.

features benefits
High surface conformability No leakage under the tape
Clean, easy removal No residue after removal
Clean, accurate separation line Sharp edge after tape removal
Semi-Transparent Easy accuracy of placement verification
Silicone free adhesive No contamination causing de-wetting
Solvent resistant Most tape adhesives are affected
Liquid coating resistance Will not absorb coating like paper base tapes

availability and sizes

standard sizes Tapes Dots
3mm 66m
5mm 10,000
7mm 66m 10,000
10mm 66m 10,000
12mm 5,000
13mm 66m
16mm 66m 5,000
19mm 66m 5,000
22mm 66m
25mm 66m

Available for purchase globally directly or through our channel partners. To find the authorized distributor for you region, please contact-us.

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