HumiSeal® UV20GEL

High-Performance Staking and Vibration Protection UV Gel

HumiSeal®UV20GEL is a fast curing, non-sag thixotropic paste which cures to give a flexible urethane acrylate that bonds well to engineered plastics and metal-based substrates. In addition to the UV cure, this material has a secondary moisture cure mechanism to ensure cure in areas shadowed from UV light.  HumiSeal®UV20GEL is designed for staking and vibration dampening applications, but doubles as a high-performance adhesive for general PCB bonding applications.

Applications Features Substrates
• Vibration Protection • Sag Resistant / Thixotropic Paste • PCB components
• Mechanical Shock Protection • Fast UV Cure • PET/RPET
• Components Staking • UV Fluorescing • PVC
• PET/RPET Clamshell Bond • Shadow Area Cure • Various Metals
• RoHS & REACH Compliant • Polycarbonate
• GB 33372-2020 Compliant

Properties of HumiSeal® UV20GEL

Uncured Properties
Property Value
Solvent Content No Nonreactive Solvents
Chemical Class Acrylated Urethane
Appearance Opaque White
Density, g/mL 1.08
Viscosity Non-sag Thixotropic Paste
Thixotropic Index > 5.5

** Highly thixotropic material, will decrease in viscosity with increasing shear rate**

Application of UV20GEL Staking Material

Cured Properties*

Property Value
Hardness, Shore A (Initial) 10
Hardness, Shore A (10 days post cure) 60
Tensile Strength, MPa [psi] 4.8 [700]
Elongation, % >400
Moisture Resistance Excellent
Surface Resistivity, Ohm 1.4*1012
Volume Resistivity, Ohm*cm 8.5*1013
Dielectric Withstand Voltage (per MIL-I-46058C) Pass @ 1500 V
Peak Operating Temperature, °C -40 to 125
Polycarbonate Lap Shear, psi  200
PVC Lap Shear, psi 450



HumiSeal® UV20GEL is a highly cross-linked material.  In order to achieve maximum cross-link density and physical performance, the product must be exposed to the correct spectral output.

HumiSeal®UV20GEL can be cured using arc, microwave, or LED systems.  Exact dosage is application dependent, however recommended dosage is 4 J/cm2 for arc and microwave systems and 10 J/cm2 for LED lamps.  Because of the variations possible in curing equipment type and configuration, it is strongly recommended that you contact HumiSeal Technical Support to discuss your equipment and process in detail.

HumiSeal® UV20GEL contains a reliable secondary moisture cure mechanism which will cure any shadow areas on the assembly within 7-10 days at ambient moisture.


HumiSeal® UV20GEL should be stored in a cool, dry, and dark location at a temperature between 1°C to 25°C. Material is sensitive to moisture, UV, and visible light. Consult SDS for safe handling recommendations.  Consult packaging labels for recommended shelf life. 


Application of HumiSeal® UV20GEL should be carried out in accordance with local and National Health and Safety regulations. Use only in well-ventilated areas to avoid inhalation of vapors.  Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Consult SDS prior to use.