UV Curable – UV 500 Product Family

UV 500 Product Family

UV 500 Product Family

Humiseal’s UV500 series conformal coatings represent the third generation of advancement in PCB protection technology. Building on the best qualities of previous product groups including UV40 and UV50, the 500 series advances performance in a number of key properties. UV500 products were designed to be more easily reworked than previously. They also provide the best performance to date in resistance to deformation or cracking under high cycle thermal and mechanical shock tests.

Properties of the UV500 product family include:

  • UV curable with secondary moisture cure for shadow areas
  • 100% Solids, no solvents, and no thinning required
  • Superior resistance to thermal and mechanical shock
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Superior humidity and moisture resistance
  • ROHS 2015/863 and China GB 30981-2020 compliant

uv curableHumiSeal®UV500-2

UV500-2 is the latest generation of UV curable coatings with the highest level yet of resistance to deformation and cracking under extreme conditions. UV500-2 was designed to meet or exceed the high cycle count test procedures of industries such as automotive for temperature and mechanical shock cycling. UV500-2 also retains many of the advantages of the original UV500 such as ease of reworkability, excellent chemical resistance, surface hardness, flexibility, and moisture resistance.

  • Unique Features: Secondary Cure for Shadow Areas, superior chemical resistance
  • Primary Applications: White Goods, Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial
  • RoHS Directive 2015/863 and China GB 3090-2020 Compliant
  • Require Full Spectrum (H Style) UV Light for Cure

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uv curableHumiSeal®UV500

HumiSeal® UV500 is a high solids UV dual cure elastomeric acrylate conformal coating. HumiSeal® UV500 exhibits excellent flexibility, moisture resistance and electrical insulation properties as well as good chemical resistance. The formulation allows chemical stripping using a dedicated stripper.

HumiSeal® UV500 is tack free after exposure to UV light and the secondary moisture cure mechanism will fully cure any unexposed areas of the coating within 7 days at ambient conditions. Cured HumiSeal® UV500 has higher flexibility compared to other UV curable conformal coatings, giving improved performance in thermal cycling tests.

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