Solvent-Free: SF 2600

SF 2600


Urethane; Polyurethane: Water-based aliphatic Polyester Dispersion and Self Crosslinking Waterbased Acrylic.

SF2600 is a new high solids dispersion combining the excellent performance of high molecular weight aliphatic polyurethane dispersion and self- crosslinking acrylic technology supplied at an extremely low VOC for the creation of high-performance sealers and coatings. The benefits of this combination include a hard tack-free surface resistant to dirt pick up, improved adhesion to most substrates, and enhanced exterior durability. The high solids dispersion allows for flexibility in formulating tough, durable sealers or coatings for a broad range of applications.


  • Concrete Sealers
  • Wood Furniture
  • Wood Sealer

Storage & Handling

Store between 55 to 95°F. Consult Safety Data Sheet prior to working with this material.

Clean up

Soap and water. All applicators and utensils must be thoroughly cleaned prior to use. For further information, refer to the Safety Data Sheet.

WARNING: Refer to the Safety Data Sheet

Typical Properties

% Solids 39-41%
Viscosity, cps @25ºC <300
Density (lbs/gal) 8.74
VOC (g/L) 14
Acid Number 40
Appearance White Opaque

Test Methods

% Solids- D-2369 Appearance– E-284
VOC Properties – D-3960 Hardness – D-2134
Tensile – D-412 Elongation – D-412
Viscosity – D-2196 pH – E-70
Abrasion – D-4060

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