LongSeal 100


LongSeal LS100LONGSEAL LS100

LONGSEAL 100 is a high performance, cold applied CE Certified waterproof membrane, manufactured from tough cross-orientated HDPE film to a layer of rubber modified bitumen adhesive. The advanced backing film gives improved technical performance on tear strength and tensile strength, puncture resistance and dimensional stability. It also offers good conformability for site application.

After installation, the membrane should be covered as soon as possible with a cementitious screed or similar protective layer.

Product Benefits Include :

Rapid and easy cold application Flexible and accommodating giving excellent bond to the substrate
Non-hazardous and resistant to dilute acids and alkalis High-performance protection against the surface and groundwater and soluble salts such as sulfates and chlorides
Capable of resisting a 6 metre head of water when fully supported

Major Areas of Use

  • For General Waterproofing
  • Internal and External tanking of underground structures
  • Reservoirs
  • Car Park and Roof Decks
  • Subways, Lift Shafts and Retaining Walls

Produced in the United Kingdom

Commercialized in the following markets:

  • Europe
  • Asia: Hong Kong
  • North America

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