LongSeal GR


LongSeal GR.pngLONGSEAL GR (Gas Resistant) Membrane

LONGSEAL GR membrane is a CE-Approved waterproofing membrane capable of resisting the passage of methane and radon gases. The membrane is made utilizing both an aluminum film and a cross-orientated HDPE film laminated to a layer of rubber-modified bitumen adhesive. Independent tests show that the combination of these backing films with a rubberized-bitumen layer provide superior performance for the suppression of methane and radon gases.

Longseal GR membrane offers superior conformability for field applications.  It should be covered as soon as possible after installation with a cementitious screed or similar protective layer.

Product Benefits Include :

Independent verification of suppression of Methane and Radon Gases High overlap integrity due to bitumen joint
Easy to apply Resistant to dilute acids and alkalis
Superior bond to the substrate Non-hazardous and resistant to dilute acids and alkalis
High-performance protection against a surface, groundwater and soluble salts such as sulfates and chlorides Capable of resisting a 6 metre head of water when fully supported

Major Areas of Use

  • Internal and External tanking of underground structures
  • Land-fill Sites and specific geographical locations
  • Car parks and Retaining Walls
  • Subways and Lift Shaftsr

Produced in the United Kingdom

Commercialized in the following markets:

  • Europe
  • Asia: Hong Kong
  • North America

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