Pipeline Coatings

Chase Corporation is a leading supplier of field-applied coatings and tapes for the global oil, gas, water and wastewater industries.

When anti-corrosion and asset protection are paramount in applications involving pipelines, Chase has the products and years of experience to provide a superior solution through its highly recognized and respected brand names.

Features & Benefits: 

Experience Dependable products Anti-corrosion protection  Protection for your assets

Chase’s brands of Tapecoat®, Serviwrap®, Royston®, and Maflowrap products are recognized throughout the world to be the most durable and trusted coatings and tapes on the market. With decades of successful applications, Chase Pipeline Coatings have the quality, reliability, and capability you can count on.

You’ll find that Chase has just about any product you need to solve your anti-corrosion and coating needs on your next pipeline project.

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We proudly serve the following markets: 

Oil & Gas Industry

Wastewater & Potable Water