• Functional additives to allow for density and cost reduction to adhesive systems.
  • Adhesives, dispersions, encapsulants, and sealants used as environmental and corrosion protection for electronics
  • Cable components including shielding materials and marker identification tapes


  • Functional additives for sealers utilized on underbody coatings and headliners.
  • Urethane dispersions for automotive interiors.
  • Adhesives, encapsulants, thermal management solutions, LOCA Display adhesivesfor system protection in harsh environments.
  • Shielding materials and marker identification tapes for specialty cables
  • Waterproofing tapes and gasket seals for recreational and commercial vehicles.

Bridge & Highway

  • Polymer additives for waterproofing asphalt.
  • Waterproofing sheet membranes for bridge decks.
  • Expansion joints for bridge decks for improved waterproofing and ride performance


  • Range of construction-related products utilizing technologically advanced coatings and materials.
  • Successful track record in demanding anti-corrosion, membrane, waterproofing, and other high-performance applications.
  • Anti-corrosion tapes and coatings for pipelines.
  • Waterproofing and sealing materials used on the building envelope.
  • Coatings for protection of water and waste water tanks and structures.
  • Superabsorbant polymers for solidifying mud in excavation, drilling and tunneling


  • Functional additives for density reduction in green energy applications.
  • Adhesives, coatings and encapsulants for electronic protection of power management systems
  • Tapes and sealants for insulating, binding, and shielding power cables
  • Coatings and linings for pipeline corrosion protection.

Industrial Drives & Controls

  • Coatings and encapsulants for sensor, automation, and control system protection
  • Shielding materials and other components of for control cables

Lighting / LED

  • Coatings and encapsulants for protecting transportation, general lighting/LEDs, signage applications.


  • Additives for use in therapeutic products
  • Encapsulants and coatings for enhancing performance of medical devices and equipment
  • Coating and laminations for personal care products.
  • Superabsorbant polymers used to solidify and disinfect medical waste


  • Functional additives for weight reduction and sound dampening
  • Coatings used in Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance applications (complies with MIL-I-46058 Materials.)
  • Silicone gasketing for EMI/RF shielding applications.
  • Cable components including shielding materials and marker identification tapes

Oil & Gas

  • Pipeline coatings and linings for anti-corrosion applications.
  • Detection and identification systems for locating underground gas and oil lines.
  • Superabsorbant polymers used to solidify mud from excavation and drilling

Durable Paper / Packaging

  • Durable paper products for a variety of graphics and digital print applications
  • Label, coating and laminating technology for apparel.


  • Roofing tapes, coatings, flashing materials, underlayments and adhesives for waterproofing.
  • Functional additives for roof coatings to reduce weight, cost and save energy


  • Protective coatings for water and wastewater tanks and structures.
  • Pipeline coatings for anti-corrosion protection.
  • Detection systems for water, power, and installation of fiberoptic cables.
  • Environmental protective coatings for utility and smart meters
  • Waterblocking additives for power cables.

Water & Wastewater

  • Protective coatings for waste water storage and pipelines.


  • Tapes, coatings, flashings, underlayments and adhesives used to waterproof the building envelope.
  • Polymer additives for waterproofing asphalt.
  • Membranes for bridge decks.
  • Dispersions design to waterproof wood, concrete, and PVC substrates.

White Goods

  • Coating and encapsulatants used in appliances and HVAC systems.
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