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Oil & Gas / Utilities / Energy

Oil & Gas

Chase Corporation is a leading supplier of field-applied coatings and tapes for the global oil, gas, water and wastewater industries. When anti-corrosion and asset protection are paramount in applications involving pipelines, Chase has the products and years of experience to provide the superior solution through its highly recognized and respected brand names.


Chase protects the infrastructure of Utilities providing products that offer a material difference.  Chase’s line of tapes, coatings, linings, and water blocking tracer wire protect the assets of Gas, Water, Wastewater, and Power companies by providing corrosion protection, waterproofing, and traceability of pipelines.  Chase brand of CIM IndustriesTapecoat, Royston, Serviwrap, and Tracesafe are well known in the market for offering solutions to everyday problems.  (I think we might want some wire and cable words in here but I have no idea what they would be)


Electronics associated with the generation, distribution, and control of electrical power all need to be protected from the environment they operate. HumiSeal and Resin Designs provide an extensive range of Conformal CoatingsPotting CompoundsAdhesives, and Thermal Management materials to protect your electronics in the following assemblies:

  • Conventional energy
  • Wind and wave power
  • Geothermal or solar power

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