Chase & Sons®

Chase & Sons® is the home of high quality, high performance tapes and sealants used to insulate, bind and shield energy and communications cables. Our extensive range of products includes:

  • Shield tapes for electronics and communication
  • Building wire products
  • Energy products which consist of coated textile products and strand seal compound

Established in 1946, we are proud to serve a global customer base involved in the industrial and consumer sectors across a diverse range of markets, where everyday our products make a material difference. For the energy industry, we manufacture and supply laminated and coated fabrics with conductive and insulating properties for shielding and binder and bedding tapes for industrial power and power transmission cables. In communication applications our laminated films and foils, film separators and binders provide EMI / RFI shielding protection, insulating and mechanical properties in twisted pair electronic and data cables, CATV and telecommunications cables.

Primary Market Areas

  • Energy
  • Communications and electronics
  • Building wire products

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