Q1: Is PaperTyger a synthetic paper?

No, PaperTyger products are a range of high quality, technologically advanced, cost competitive, laminated papers. Manufactured by a patented, solvent-free laminating process. All PaperTyger products positively contribute to a range of applications where durability is required.

Q2: Is PaperTyger as durable as the synthetic paper?

Yes, as the durability of PaperTyger is a result of a patented paper/film/paper laminating process that provides the toughness of a synthetic sheet with the benefit of an uncoated paper printing surface.

Q3: Is PaperTyger easy to print?

Yes, one of the significant advantages of PaperTyger products is the ease of printing. There are no special inks or set ups required and no prolonged drying times. Consistent and smooth printing surfaces result with exceptional graphics.

Q4: Is PaperTyger available in rolls and sheets?

Yes, PaperTyger products are made in master rolls of various widths and can be slit or sheeted to the desired width/size.

Q5: What basis weights are available?

PaperTyger products are available in basis weights ranging from 65gsm to 260gsm.

Q6: Can PaperTyger be laser or digitally printed?

Yes, PaperTyger’s range of premium printing papers are designed to perform on both laser and digital printers. PaperTyger has been qualified by major OEMS and features on many approved media lists. PaperTyger is further HP Indigo certified.

Q7: Is PaperTyger water resistant?

Standard PaperTyger products are designed for short-term exterior applications, from uncoated papers with wet strength for protection against moisture. In addition, the inner layer of film offers a comparable moisture barrier to synthetic papers.

PaperTyger “weather resistant” product has a coating designed to print well with UV ink jet inks. PaperTyger Weather resistant is warranted for up to 90 days and when used with appropriate outdoor inks will withstand sun, wind, rain, humidity, snow and dramatic shifts in temperature.

Q8: Does PaperTyger stay flat?

PaperTyger is laminated using a solvent-less or 100% solids technology. This laminating method requires no ovens evaporate solvents, nor does not use water-based adhesives. As a result, our laminated papers are simply more stable.

Q9: Can PaperTyger be folded?

Yes. PaperTyger slits, creases, folds, stitches, perforates and binds well as tested on Duplo and Morgana.

Q10: Is PaperTyger patented?

Yes, PaperTyger is patented and therefore afforded protection as the exclusive method for laminating paper to film with solvent-less or 100% solids.

Q11: Is PaperTyger recyclable?

No, PaperTyger is produced with an inner plastic layer which cannot be mixed in a waste paper stream.

Q12: Is PaperTyger only available in white?

PaperTyger is available in translucent (Clear-Vu) plus black and Kraft color (black and tan).

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