PaperTyger RFID

PaperTyger RFID

The products of Papertyger RFID are a multi-ply laminate that contains a security barrier to prevent RFID detection. This is achieved while offering light-weight, water resistant, durability coupled with the superior printing and converting benefits found in traditional PaperTyger products.

PaperTyger RFID has created the standard and remains the number one choice for RFID shielding barrier applications. PaperTyger RFID has developed many applications within the RFID segment which include credit, debit and passport sleeves.

PaperTyger RFID meets FIPS 201 requirements and has been tested by independent laboratories thus supporting the benefits that PaperTyger RFID provides for effective shielding at various HF and UHF frequencies.

How it Works

How RFID works

The unique configuration of PaperTyger RFID provides effective shielding at 13.56MHz and 860-980MHz by limiting the flow of RF energy between the reader and the smart card – or another RFID device.

The conductive layer in PaperTyger RFID creates a barrier which impedes communication between the reader and the card.


Product Specifications

Reference Basis Weight PT Caliper Paper Grade Master Roll Widths Sheet Stock Sizes
GSM LBS µm Mils mm Inches mm Inches
F3309 120 32 4 105 4.2 Bond & Writing 1219 48 584×889 23×35


In UHF Range

RF Attenuation
in MHz (db)
860 870 880 890 900 910 920 930 940 950 960 970 980
Result 49 40 49 51 45 57 47 44 49 52 53 47 61
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