Radiance Launches CF10 – A Novel Protective Coating For Connector Applications

Radiance Introduces SA50 protective coating for anodized substrates
October 29, 2013
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June 6, 2017

Chase Corporation, a leading manufacturer of protective materials for high reliability applications has announced the launch of a new product in its Industrial Coatings business designed to deliver a cost effective, reliable protective barrier developed specifically for connectors. RADIANCE CF10, compliant to UL 2238, was created for the medical industry initially but its performance characteristics makes it ideally suited to any application that is subject to adverse operating conditions such as high humidity or chemical exposure.

CF10 is a single component UV curing gel that has been specifically developed to meet the demanding needs in applications that commonly use connectors such as those used in the medical sector. These connectors are often exposed to extreme operating environments that can result in corrosion or failure. The protective gel is used as a potting contact boundary to prevent ingress moisture and other particulates, additionally as a strong dielectric barrier in pin to cable connections.

The product is designed to be cured to a tack free surface by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light.   Moisture secondary curing mechanism completes the polymer cross linking process. The secondary cure mechanism of RADIANCE CF10 utilizes ambient moisture to complete the process for unexposed / shadowed areas. An added enhancement provided by the secondary curing process is that it imparts additional adhesion and chemical resistance to the coating. Lastly, RADIANCE CF10 once cured, provides adhesive staking attributes for the connectors which provides added tamper resistance when in use.

Chase Corporation is a leading manufacturer of protective materials for high reliability applications. For over 60 years it has been developing high performance Industrial Coatings, Tapes, Adhesives and Sealants that are marketed under brand names recognized as the most trusted in their respective industries. Founded in 1946 it has grown to become a leading manufacturer of industrial coatings and tapes for high reliability applications with a global customer base operating in diverse market sectors.

Commenting on the product launch, Keith Waryold, Global Business Unit Director for Industrial Materials at Chase Corporation, said:

We are seeing the technology limits being pushed across all industries and we must ensure that we continue to stay ahead of the technology curve in order to meet these demands. Chase continues to develop innovative ways to leverage our technology portfolio. The Radiance range of products was introduced as a means to allow all markets to experience the benefits of enhanced reliability and protection from harsh environments. In RADIANCE CF10 we have demonstrated this philosophy.

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