AXIS 962 Medical Device Adhesive

AXIS 962 – Medical Device Adhesive

AXIS 962: Polycarbonate / Flexible PVC Bonder

Product Description

AXIS 962 is suitable for a wide variety of applications that require fast cure, flexibility, high adhesion and autoclave resistance. This product cures in seconds when exposed to light of the proper wavelength and intensity and achieves excellent adhesion to glass, plastics and metal, and will cure with both UV and/or heat exposure. The ability of this product to fluoresce under black light facilitates inspection of bonded assemblies for adhesive presence. AXIS 962 was specifically designed for bonding stainless steel cannulae into hubs, syringes and lancets for needle assemblies. The viscosity of this product makes the adhesive well suited for applications where the adhesive will be dispensed in the well after the cannulae and the hub have been assembled. Suitable for use in the assembly of disposable medical devices. Resin Designs medical device adhesives contain no nonreactive solvents and cure upon exposure to light. Their ability to cure in seconds enables faster processing, greater output, and lower processing costs. This product is in full compliance with the RoHS directives 2002/95/EC and 2003/11EC.


  • UV/ Visible light cure
  • Fluorescing
  • Moisture resistant
  • Autoclave resistant
  • Secondary heat cure
  • Shadow area heat cure


  • Needle bonding
  • Transducer assemblies


Store material in cool, dry location at a temperature between 10˚C to 28˚C. Keep from freezing. Material is sensitive to UV and visible light. Refer to packaging-specific quote for shelf life information. Consult SDS for safe handling recommendations.

ISO – 10993

An ISO 10993 test protocol is an integral part of the quality program for Axis 962. Axis 962 has been qualified to Resin Designs ISO 10993 protocol as a means to assist in the selection of products for use in the medical device industry. Certificates of compliance are available through the Resin Designs quality department.

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