Axis M-2


Axis M 2 – Medical Device Adhesive

AXIS M-2: 

Product Description

Axis M-2 is a medium viscosity epoxy resin system designed for adhesive and laminating applications in accordance with Title 21. U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Chapter 1, Sub Part B, Sections 175, 105 and 175,300. This two-part epoxy is easily mixed, cures at room temperature and provides high strength bonds to a wide variety of substrates. Once cured it is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, provides low permeability to gases and vapors, and is an excellent electrical insulator.


  • Long work life
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Room temperature cure
  • Impact and peel resistant


  • Industrial adhesive
  • Medical and food grade instrument/packaging repair
  • Laminating


Store material in a cool, dry location at a temperature between 10˚C to 28˚C. Keep from freezing. Material is sensitive to UV and visible light. Refer to packaging-specific quote for shelf life information. Consult MSDS for safe handling recommendations.

ISO – 10993

An ISO 10993 test protocol is an integral part of the quality program for Axis M-2. Axis M-2 has been qualified to Resin Designs, LLC ISO 10993 protocol as a means to assist in the selection of products for use in the medical device industry.

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