AXIS M-310 Medical Device Adhesive


AXIS M-310  Medical Device Adhesive

AXIS M-310:

Product Description

Axis M-310 is a one-part heat-cured epoxy for medical application. Material can be cured at 120° C to a tough material. Axis M-310 complies with the Limit of Volatile Organic Compounds content in adhesives (GB 33372- 2020) National Standard of the People’s Republic of China.


Needle bonding Biocompatible per ISO 10993-5 Plastics
General Medical One part Metals
Heat cured


Typical Properties of Uncured Material*
Chemical Class Epoxy
Color Cloudy
Viscosity @25°C, Spn1 @20RPM, cps 4,000-6,500
Specific Gravity 1.15
Cleanup Solvent Isopropyl alcohol


Cure Guidelines*
Cure Time @ 120°C, minutes 30
Cure Time @ 80°C, minutes 30
Cure Time @ 70°C, minutes 120

Cure testing was done in an open system and results will vary with application. Testing should be done in each application to determine proper cure time.

Typical Properties of Cured Material*
Durometer, Shore D >70
Elongation, % <10%
Tensile Strength, MPa, [psi] 29 [4,200]
Lap Shear Strength, Al / Al, psi 1,700

*All properties given are typical values and are not intended for use in preparing specifications.


Keep stored between 2°C and 8°C in tightly-sealed containers away from direct sunlight. Please refer to the product labeling for shelf life information. Consult SDS for safe handling recommendations.

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