UV Epoxy 151-091 for Medical Device Adhesive


UV Epoxy 151-091 – Medical Device Adhesive

AXIS 151-091: UV Gel Adhesive System

Product Description

UV Epoxy 151-091 is designed for industrial adhesion, small potting, and laminating applications where a fast process cure is required. This two-part system will gel in seconds when exposed to medium intensity UV radiation, allowing secondary processes and packaging operations. Once cured, UV Epoxy 151-091 provides excellent electrical insulation and can be used as an adhesive for metals and most plastics. It exhibits excellent resistance to moisture, acids, bases, and most organic solvents. Once mixed and poured into final container or device, UV light can be used to gel the top surface of the polymer in as little as 5 seconds. Any polymer that is blocked from the UV light will reach a handling strength in approximately 120 minutes at room temperature.

In addition, UV Epoxy 151-091 has been designed to meet the ISO 10993 Protocol as a means to assist in the selection of products for use in the medical device industry. This product is also RoHS compliant under directives 2002/95/EC and 2003/11EC, as well as REACH compliant.


  • Two-part adhesive
  • Convenient mix ratio
  • Acid/base resistant
  • Fast UV cure
  • Electrically insulating
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
  • Moisture and chemically resistant


  • Electronic potting
  • Industrial adhesion
  • Laminating


Store material in cool, dry location at a temperature between 10˚C to 28˚C. Keep from freezing. Refer to packaging-specific quote for shelf life information. Consult SDS for safe handling recommendations. Material is sensitive to UV and visible light, as well as moisture.

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