UV 165-183: One Component, Fire Resistant UV

Product Description

UV 165-183 is a fast curing urethane acrylate that bonds well to a wide variety of different substrates. This product requires direct UV exposure during cure. The ability of this product to fluoresce under black light facilitates inspection of bonded assemblies for adhesive presence. Because of the variability of different UV light sources, it is suggested that the user test and specify UV intensity and exposure time. This product will cure in the presence of UV/Visible light as defined in the cure recommendations below. UV 165-183 has passed UL94 V0 (UL file: E105698) standards for flame resistance. The adhesive is in full compliance with RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU and RoHS Directive EU 2015/863.


  • Thixotropic
  • Moisture resistant
  • Fast cure time
  • Good surface wetting
  • Fluorescing
  • UL94 V0 certified
  • RoHS Compliant
Property Value Test Method
Solvent Content No Nonreactive Solvents N/A
Chemical Class Acrylated Urethane N/A
Appearance Thixotropic translucent pink liquid N/A
Specific Gravity 1.29 QPTEST002
Viscosity @ 25C, SSA @ 10 RPM 30,000 – 90,000 QPTEST001
Viscosity @ 25C, SSA @ 20 RPM 18,000 -36,000 QPTEST001
Viscosity @ 25C, SSA @ 50 RPM 7,000 – 20,000 QPTEST001
Thixotropic index (SSA) 7.0-9.0 QPTEST001
*Highly thixotropic material will decrease in viscosity as shear is increased*
Flow Rate @ 25° C 0.40 -0.80 g/sec. TBD


Property Value Test Method
Durometer Hardness, Shore D 70-85 QPTEST012
Moisture Resistance Excellent N/A
Constant Operating Temperature -50° to 125° C N/A


Uvitron Intelliray 600 Fusion H Bulb
Exposure Time 25 seconds  

Conveyor Speed



2′ /MIN


Distance from Source 2.25″


Dosage (J/cm2)


UVA 4.746  


Dosage (J/cm2)


UVA 3.820
UVB 0.000 UVB 4.104
UVC 0.280 UVC 0.963
UVV 5.079 UVV 5.809

 Intensity (W/cm2)


UVA 0.184  

Intensity (W/cm2)


UVA 0.805
UVB 0.000 UVB 0.893
UVC 0.011 UVC 0.216
UVV 0.202 UVV 1.230


Store material between 8°C and 28°C in tightly closed, light-blocking containers, away from direct sunlight. Keep from freezing. Please refer to product labeling for shelf-life information. Consult SDS for safe handling recommendations.

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