Energy & Resources

Energy & Resources


All facility locations, with one exception, receive water from local municipality supply. The one facility using site well water is not located in a high baseline water stress area.
Chase Corporation does not produce or discharge industrial wastewater from its operation locations, but some locations use small amounts for non-contact cooling. Sanitary/non-contact cooling wastewater is discharged to local publicly owned treatment works.
We have identified opportunities for conservation that were addressed in 2020. Stormwater discharges at company locations are regulated by stormwater permits or have obtained No Exposure Certifications as governed by state authorities and the EPA.


Purchased electricity and purchased pipeline natural gas are the primary energy sources used by Chase Corporation locations.
Natural gas is used primarily for building heating. Usage may fluctuate annually by weather conditions, but usage reduction is accomplished through retrofitting with LO-NOx boiler burners where practical, and through facility structure improvement projects.
Purchased electricity usage reduction/conservation projects are underway, including replacing facility lighting with LED lighting and area sensors, and more energy-efficient motor replacements.

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