Energy & Resources

Energy & Resources


All facility locations, with one exception, receive water from local municipality supply. Only one facility is located in a high or extremely high baseline water stress area (India, under 20 employees), according to the World Resources Institute. In total, less than 1% of water intake is sourced from regions of High or Extremely High Baseline Water Stress. The risk or impact on facilities is minimal, as 99% of all water intake is used for sanitary use. Should water supply become impacted, packaged water and portable facilities would be provided for employee usage.

Chase Corporation does not produce or discharge industrial process wastewater from its operation locations. As virtually all of our water intake is used for employee sanitary use, there is no recycling or reuse of intake water, and it is direct-discharged to sanitary sewer or septic system in accordance with local requirements. Sanitary discharges from our operations are tracked and documented.
Stormwater discharges at company locations are regulated by stormwater permits or have obtained No Exposure Certifications as governed by state or Regulatory authorities.


Total energy usage is displayed in the Calendar year matrix and includes all operating locations, production, and business.

Purchased pipeline natural gas is the only Primary energy source used by Chase Corporation locations. Natural gas is used primarily for building heating. Usage reduction has been accomplished through continued boiler upgrades and annual efficiency testing, along with location structural improvement projects.

Purchased electricity is the Secondary energy source used by Chase Corporation locations, and is generated by our Suppliers from both Renewable and Non-renewable Primary energy sources. Overall usage reduction projects have included replacing traditional facility lighting components with more energy-efficient LED systems and periodic Infrared analysis of electrical systems.

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