Safety Performance

Safety Performance



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Compliance: Chase Corporation locations in the US currently undergo annual internal compliance auditing for all applicable US OSHA regulatory requirements. These audits, and corrective actions tracking, are documented, and under review periodically by upper management. Compliance with UK legislative requirements, and other non-US country-specific regulatory requirements, are also documented. Routine facility-level compliance audits are conducted on a more frequent schedule, by location employees, and are documented. 

Audit corrective actions, employee recommendations, and other safety program developments are reviewed by location Safety Committees on a monthly basis, and meeting minutes are communicated to all location employees. Currently, no Chase facilities are certified to the OHSAS 18001 standard.

Employee Health: Protection of employee health is also an important component of our safety program, and our corporate Wellness Program through our health plan provider is one element used to support employee health.
Available support programs include weight loss, substance abuse, mental health, Rally healthy habits rewards, and personal health record tracking tools.
Another element is a well-documented Industrial Hygiene (IH) sampling program. We use IH sampling to verify work areas are compliant with regulatory limits for hazardous materials or noise levels, and based on those sampling results, to determine if additional engineering controls are necessary or to verify personal protections.

Safety Metrics: Manufacturing locations are monitored every 6 months for status and compliance towards up to 8 safety metrics. Location management is responsible for achieving eventual and continuing compliance towards each metric.

  • Incident Rate Target 2.0, DART 1.2
  • Documented monthly Safety Committee meetings
  • No Serious Regulatory citations
  • Location Safety Recognition program
  • 100% compliance with annual Corporate comprehensive Safety Compliance audit
  • Bonding and Grounding process compliance and training
  • Meeting of Safety Observation location Targets
  • Compliance with Corporate machine guarding audits

Chase locations employees are primarily full-time employees, with a small percentage of Temporary workers. Temporary workers are subject to all safety requirements and expectations as full-time employees. Employee safety education includes:

  • Completion of all required EHS annual training topics, with associated knowledge retention quizzes.
  • Maintenance of periodic personal EHS certifications.
  • Attendance at all periodic all-employee safety talks and meetings.
  • New hire safety orientations.

Emergency Response: Emergency response training, using facility emergency response plans, along with routine response drills are conducted at all facilities to maintain a state of emergency readiness. These frequent reviews are designed to protect the health of location employees and to minimize impacts from emergency conditions, including potential environmental releases.

Equipment Inspections: Routine and periodic inspections of safety equipment and production equipment at each facility are documented, and these inspections are in turn audited for completion and compliance.

Incident Response: Incident response teams are formed to investigate and arrive at root-cause analyses for each incident. Corrective actions are documented and tracked for completion. Incident reviews are communicated at the local level and with company top management, to share lessons learned, and prevent similar incidents from re-occurring in all company locations.

2022 Injury Data

# of deaths # of cases with days away from work # of cases with job transfer or restriction # of other recordable cases # of days away from work # of days of job transfer or restriction Injury or illness types Reported Near Miss 2022 year end IR 2022 year end DART
Total Americas 0 5 8 7 34 376 17 injuries, 2 skin disorders 44 3.4 2.1
Total Europe 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 injury 1 0.7 0.0
Total Asia 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0 0.0
Total Company 0 5 8 8 34 376 18 injuries, 2 skin disorders 45 2.9 1.8


Prior to introduction of a new hazardous raw material, or a new manufacturing process, our Research & Development group and Engineering group will perform a documented Process Hazard Analysis on the proposed or modified operation.
Prior to usage of a new hazardous material at a facility, the local facility will obtain and review the GHS-compliant Safety Data Sheet on the material to determine specific precautionary measures that may need to be taken to protect employees from exposures and to determine any environmental compliance issues.
Safety Data Sheets for Chase Corporation products are created and updated periodically through third party SDS Management Software. These Safety Data Sheets are routinely shared with customers via product shipments and/or by request, along with specific instructions on safe product use and application.
Reviews and certifications are routinely conducted for compliance with REACH, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, TSCA, and other country-specific and international product and materials standards. These results are routinely communicated to our customers. Raw material compliance certifications to the above standards are submitted for our review by our suppliers.

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