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Emerging Technologies is pleased to offer a full range of absorbent product choices. We enjoy long-term relationships with the majority of the global granular superabsorbent polymer manufacturers, as well as many SAP laminate and airlaid composite producers. As such, our product portfolio is second to none. No one offers product choice like we do! Our customers can rely on us to have the most up-to-date SAP technologies available in the marketplace.

We accomplish this by offering multiple products from multiple manufacturers for consideration. We screen the materials and match the best absorbent products to a particular application. Our customers then get to determine what product(s) will best fulfill their needs, independent of the manufacturer.

Once the product choice is determined, we put the required logistics in place to assure material supply that meets our customers’ needs. If a customer needs one 55-pound bag, we will supply it. If a customer needs multiple 20-ton truckloads per month, we will supply them. Domestic and international shipments are handled with equal expertise.

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