Medical & Laboratory Applications

Superabsorbents for Medical & Laboratory Applications


The #1 reason for hospital readmission is hospital-acquired infection

This is a scary thought for today’s medical and laboratory personnel and patients alike. The faster that an infectious material can be treated and disinfected, the fewer chances there are for the infectious material to potentially infect another person. With this in mind, super-absorbent polymer (SAP) materials are successfully being used in conjunction with disinfectants to solidify and treat body and analytical fluids at the source, thus reducing the risk for spread of infection without the need for special health and safety PPE.

Compared to incineration, SAP technologies can be used closer to the source, eliminating transport and handling concerns. As the fluids are no longer infectious, the waste is no longer “classified” as “red bag waste” and thus eliminates the need for costly incinceration. The solidified and treated waste can be disposed of as standard waste in many states allowing for substantial cost savings in healthcare and laboratory environments.

Medical & Laboratory Applications

Liquids generated by medical procedures, medical devices, and food testing laboratories normally require special handling and costly disposal.

Superabsorbent Polymers (SAP) used in these environments reduce risks and costs associated with biological waste exposure.

Types of Waste Treated 

  • Suction canister fluid
  • Wound exudate
  • Emergency spills
  • Pharmaceutical disposal
  • Food testing fluid
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