Coal Ash / CCR

Superabsorbents for Coal Ash / CCR

Management of coal combustion residuals (CCRs), or coal ash, presents many environmental and operational challenges.  Most CCR impoundments or ponds are saturated with water, which must be removed in order to complete pond closure.  Superabsorbent polymer (SAP) technologies have been proven to rapidly solidify liquid-bearing CCR material and when applied at appropriate dosage rates (less than 1%) are acceptable in structural fill landfills.

Compared to commodity absorbents and pozzolanic materials, SAP technologies feature superior liquid absorbency and retention, which helps CCR site owners, engineers, and contractors minimize CCR disposal, treatment, and transportation costs.

In addition, SAP technologies can enhance the performance features of other treatment additives when utilized as part of specialty blends.

SAP Coal Ash CTA 2nd

Features & Benefits

Rapid solidification Safe to handle and apply Suitable for structural fill landfills
Minimize treatment amendment & time on-site Minimize total project costs Protective of the environment


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ZapZorb: Environmental Solidifier

Zapzorb SAP technologies have been used for decades for environmental applications that require rapid solidification of liquid-bearing wastes and contaminated media. Some characteristics include:

  • Variable particle sizes available
  • Applications Include sludge, sediment, drilling mud, etc.
  • Superior Efficiency = Cost Savings

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