Wire & Cable Applications

Superabsorbents for Wire & Cable Applications


Superabsorbents for Wire & Cable Applications

Outside plant (OSP) cables, such as: underground (UG) power, optical fiber, and copper telecom, require protection from the infiltration and longitudinal penetration of water into the cable. Water intrusion can result from damage due to excavation, faulty splice closures, wildlife, and environmental disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc).

Superabsorbent polymers in powder, liquid, and hot-melt adhesive form are widely used to provide protection for the cable infrastructure that is critical to the end users.  These products block the longitudinal migration of water after it enters the cable.  Their performance is critical to damage mitigation over the life span of the cable.

Direct application

  • Superabsorbent powder
  • Swellable hot-melt adhesive

Application to substrates

  • Tapes (woven, non-woven, flame retardant, etc.)
  • Yarns (polyester, aramid, glass, etc.)
  • Strength members (glass reinforced plastic, metallic shields, etc.)
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