We are Pleased to Announce  Axis® 310 and 310-W are approved to ISO-10993-5 (Cytotoxicity) Medical Standard.

Introducing AXIS Medical Device Adhesives

Introducing AXIS Medical Device Adhesives

Designed for the challenges & reliability required of assemblies that demand bio-compatibility and ISO 10993 compliance.

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As an advanced adhesives and sealants manufacturer, Resin Designs develops and produces products for applications such as PCB Assembly and Enclosures, Medical Devices, Connector Sealing, EMI Shielding, Structural Bonding, and Thermal Management.

Available technologies include UV, single, and dual-component systems based on epoxy, urethane, and acrylate technologies.  Other capabilities include pre-cured Silicone Gels, B-Staged Epoxy films, thermal management products, and rapid development of custom formulations.

Our facilities are fully ISO-9001 certified and our products are compliant to the latest RoHS and REACH regulations.

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