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Resin Designs™ develops and manufactures specialty polymer systems to meet your specific application requirements.   Our expertise extends to epoxies, urethanes and multi-cure light systems.  Product lines are divided into several major categories:

  • Potting, Encapsulation, Thermal Management compounds
  • Cross-link adhesive systems
  • Medical and FDA regulated products
  • B-Stage epoxy films and preforms
  • Pre-cured silicone gels
  • Multifunctional curing UV systems

Our brands include:

  • AXIS Medical Systems
  • Nexus Adhesives
  • GelTek Connector Seal
  • TechFilm B-Stage Epoxies
  • Thermosink Encapsulant

Resin Designs™ provides variations of products to suit your individual needs. We will custom design systems that reflect our willingness to adapt existing products and technologies and create new ones.  Our products and innovative polymer technology have made us an emerging leader in the industry for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Automotive
  • White Goods
  • Communications
  • Electronics
  • Power Inversion
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Aerospace

For more information contact us directly at 781-935-3133 or fill out the short “Information Request” form.

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