Medical Device Adhesives

Adhesives for Medical Devices: Biocompatible & FDA Compliant

Medical_Biocompatible_FDA Approved_Adhesives for medical useWhen assessing biocompatibility, our Axis product line is fully tested and compliant with the global medical device standard ISO 10993. You can be assured of solutions that are fully biocompatible and of consistent quality.

We stand ready for potential customization for your specific needs. In addition, Resin Designs maintains manufacturing sites with the latest and most sophisticated production equipment and analytical testing devices. Our factories are fully ISO 9001 certified and all biocompatible materials are ROHS, REACH, and FDA compliant.

Medical Device Adhesives

Axis 1007 CTHUVRapid bonding to plastics, designed for catheter bonding and similar devices.

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53,000D758%Catheter and medical with high viscosity / thixotropic.
Axis 921UVLow viscosity, flexible with autoclave resistance adhesive

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1,500D8040%Low viscosity, flexible with autoclave resistance Adhesive bonding of medical plastics, metals, and glass
Axis 928UVLow viscosity, flexible adhesive with autoclave resistance for small gaps

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700D7450%Low viscosity, flexible with autoclave resistance Needle bonding, Adhesive bonding of medical plastics, metals, and glass
Axis 962UVLow viscosity, flexible, adhesive with secondary heat cure and autoclave resistance

Ultra-low viscosity, flexible adhesive for small gap devices

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700D67140%Needle bonding, medical device adhesive with secondary heat cure option Low viscosity, flexible with autoclave resistance
Axis 966-M

UVRed pigmented, flexible, fast curing, adhesive for bonding of plastics

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800A40550%Needle bonding, medical devices Flexible bonds to wide range of substrates Pigmented for aid in placement
Axis 966-MFUVRed, flexible needle bonding and catheter assembly adhesive

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800A30450%Needle bonding, catheter assembly, medical devices Flexible bonds to wide range of substrates, Red color disappears when cured Fluoresces under UV light for inspection
Axis 980UVClear, flexible, needle bonding and medical device adhesive

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1,500D7066%Needle bonding, medical devices Flexible bonds to wide range of substrates
Axis 991UVDesigned to bond stainless steel cannulae into hubs, syringes, and lancets.

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900D6510%Needle bonding, medical devices Specifically designed to bond stainless steel cannulae into hubs, syringes and lancets.
Axis 151-091UV EPFDA compliant, 2-part, UV gellable epoxy with long work life for medical devices and packaging

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2,000D7030%FDA food contact compliant structural or packaging adhesive Electrically insulating Heat cure option
Axis M-2EPFDA direct and indirect food contact compliant adhesive for medical devices

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14,000D78<10%FDA food contact compliant 21 CFR 175.105 and 175.300 Medical device bonding, rigid with impact and shock resistance Pot life 120 mins, Cure time 24 hours (RT)
Axis M-20 HPEPHigh peel strength epoxy with visible bond lines for general purpose device assembly

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80,000D78<10%Forms off-white bond line, excellent peel resistance General purpose assembly, Electrically insulative and chemical resistant Gel Time 30 minutes, Cure time 22 hours(RT)
Axis M-30CLEPLow shrinkage, temperature Resistant structural adhesive

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8,000D75<10%Flowable, High Temperature Resistant, Rigid, Clear.
Low Shrinkage, high humidity and shock resistance
Gel Time 20 mins, Cure time 24 hours (RT)
Axis M-100NPUSoft and flexible, RT cure polyurethane for high-performance device bonding

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5,000D40200%RT cure polyurethane, tough, flexible polymer for high performance device bonding, disposable medical devices Gel Time 8 to 10 mins, Cure Time 24 Hrs. at 25 C or 45 Mins at 65 C
Axis M-120EPWhite, high viscosity, high peel, and shear resistant structural adhesive

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57,000D80<10%High peel resistance and shear strength adhesive. High impact resistance, Moisture and thermal shock resistant Gel Time 2 hours, Cure time 48 hours(RT)
Axis M-310 W"EPMedium viscosity, high strength medical adhesive6,000D705%1 part heat cure medical epoxy adhesive specifically designed for stress-sensitive plastics and metal assemblies.

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Medical Device Adhesion Matrix and Values

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  • Needle Assembly and Bonding
  • Catheter Bonding and Welding
  • Medical Device Assembly
    • Chemical and Bodily Fluid Resistance
    • Adhesive Bonding of Medical Plastics
    • Electrical and Thermal Property Enhancement
  • FDA direct & indirect food contact


  • Single and dual component UV cure
    • Needle bonding, catheter assembly, medical devices
    • Fast, simple curing mechanism for high volume and efficient assembly processes
  • 2 Component medical epoxy adhesives
    • Room temperature and heat curing
    • Superior chemical and temperature resistance
    • Catheter assembly, surgical devices, and instruments, heat exchangers
  • 2 Component Polyurethanes
    • Flexible and higher elongation capability
    • Needle bonding, catheter assembly, medical devices

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