The Company

Founded in 1998, Emerging Technologies (ETi) is a specialty chemical distribution and consulting company with offices, warehouse, and laboratory facilities located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Providing the very best in absorbent polymer products and technologies to technical markets is our goal. As such, we have grown to be the Premier Absorbent Products Company serving these industries. Your absorbent product needs will be satisfied in the most complete, comprehensive, convenient fashion possible.

Partnering with Emerging Technologies provides you with several clear advantages:

  • About 55 years combined experience in the Specialty Applications of superabsorbent polymers.
  • One of the most diverse Product Portfolios available.
  • Unparalleled Technical Service and Support to niche superabsorbent markets.
  • State-of-the-art Materials Management and Logistics Planning. Your orders are shipped on time, in desired packaging, at the lowest possible cost.
  • Technical expertise, laboratory services, and consulting are available to those clients that desire more in-depth research or application work.

Your experiences with Emerging Technologies will be so pleasing, profound, and meaningful, you will want to work with us over and over again.

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