The People

Wm. David Carter, President

David Carter

After 8 years with Hercules Pulp & Paper Chemical Division and 10 years with Stockhausen’s paper chemistry and superabsorbent polymer groups, David started Emerging Technologies (ETi) in 1998. The idea was to make superabsorbent polymers available to technical niche markets, no matter the manufacturer of the superabsorbent. Now, over 22 years later, ETi continues to grow and fulfill the needs of superabsorbent polymer users worldwide. We live into our core ideology, “Your experiences with Emerging Technologies will be so pleasing, profound and meaningful, you will want to work with us over and over again.”


Adam Mitchell, Supply Chain Manager

Adam Mitchell

Adam has been in the logistics field for twenty-five years in several different industries. Over the last 17+ years, Adam has put this knowledge to use helping Emerging Technologies customers save not only transportation costs, but time for delivery. Give Adam a call to see how he can help you with your transportation needs.


Adam Carter, Director of Business Development

Adam Carter

Since graduating from University of North Carolina, Wilmington, in 2007, Adam has worked in Sales, Marketing, and Advertising. He has worked for various companies, including S&D Coffee and Xerox. Adam was hired by Emerging Technologies in 2013 to help find new customers in existing markets, as well as identify new markets for existing products.


Dr. Steven Brown, Vice President of Technology

Dr Steven Brown

Coming to ETi in 2018, Steven has over 20 years of R&D and product development experience spanning pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, and consumer packaged goods industries. He holds a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry with over 20 patents and publications.