Superabsorbent Powders

Superabsorbent Powders


Superabsorbent Powders

Superabsorbent powders are fine particle materials composed of cross-linked sodium polyacrylate or potassium polyacrylamide. Superabsorbent powder products can be designed to meet specific performance specifications through grinding, sieving, and particle size manipulation. In addition, sodium polyacrylate and potassium polyacrylamide superabsorbent powders can be blended at specific ratios to optimize the advantages of each material.

Product Variation Data SheetCharacteristics

GR 211

Fast acting, small particle size, high absorbency

80 HS

fast acting, intermediate particle size, high absorbency


Fast acting, larger particle size, high absorbency

GC 630

Very fast acting, larger particle size, high absorbency


Fast acting, intermediate particle size, good performance in ionic solutions

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