ZapZorb Environmental Solidification Products

ZapZorb Environmental Solidification Products

ZapZorb environmental solidification products are designed to meet the specific challenges posed by a wide range of liquid-bearing waste streams.

All superabsorbent polymer solidification products are safe, non-toxic and acceptable at all landfills for proper disposal.

Product Variation Data SheetCharacteristicsTechnical Data Sheets

ZapZorb Premium

Versatile, no dust, uniform particle size distribution, and highest-absorbency 300+ (g/g)


ZapZorb MG

Versatile, limited dust, variable particle size, and high-absorbency 240+(g/g)


ZapZorb Fine

Fine particle size, economical, and absorbency 160+(g/g)


P2 Blend

Sodium bentonite + SAP, oily waste, slightly dusty, and moderate absorbency 150+(g/g)


P6 Blend

Wood fiber + SAP, HDD waste, no dust, and high-absorbency 200+(g/g)


The use of these products at the proper dose rate results in a solidified material that will pass EPA Test Method 9095B: Paint Filter Liquids Test. 

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