Radiance Introduces SA50 protective coating for anodized substrates

Radiance Launches CF10 – A Novel Protective Coating For Connector Applications
January 11, 2016

Chase Corporation, a leading manufacturer of protective materials for high reliability applications has announced the launch of a new product to the Global market providing a cost effective and reliable protective barrier with excellent surface adhesion for anodized aluminum substrates used in applications exposed to adverse operating environments. RADIANCE SA50 is designed to provide superior protection against chemical exposure, thermal cycling and high humidity applications

SA50 has been specifically developed to meet the demanding needs in applications that commonly use aluminum identification plates such as those used in the aerospace and automotive sectors.  These plates are exposed to extreme operating environments that result in corrosion. The protective coating can be applied in a number of ways such as brushing or automatic dispensing. The product is designed to be cured to a tack free surface by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light.

RADIANCE SA50 also has a secondary moisture cure mechanism that will cure unexposed / shadowed areas of the coating at ambient conditions. This secondary curing process also imparts additional adhesion and chemical resistance to the coating.

Chase Corporation is a leading manufacturer of protective materials for high reliability applications. For over 60 years it has been developing high performance Industrial Coatings, Tapes, Adhesives and Sealants that are marketed under brand names recognized as the most trusted in their respective industries. Founded in 1946 it has grown to become a leading manufacturer of industrial coatings and tapes for high reliability applications with a global customer base operating in diverse market sectors.

Commenting on the product launch, Keith Waryold, Global Business Unit Director for Chase Corporation, said:

“All industries are pushing the technology limits of their key components, and in order to meet this demand, Chase continues to develop innovative ways to leverage our technology portfolio.  We are introducing the Radiance line as a means to allow for all markets to experience the benefits of enhanced reliability and protection from harsh environments.  We are very exciting about this new frontier for CHASE.  ”

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RADIANCE® is an operating division of Chase Corporation. Chase Corporation produces adhesives, sealants, tapes and membranes from a wide variety of chemistries such as epoxies, urethanes, acrylics, silicones and elastomers. These products are used for corrosion protection in electronic, pipeline, bridge, highway and architectural applications. Chase maintains facilities in Evanston, IL, Pittsburgh, PA, Albany, NY, Westwood, MA, Taylorsville, NC, Lenoir and Granite Falls,  NC and Suzhou China and Winnersh, United Kingdom. Additionally, Chase Electronic Coatings has a license partner in Japan.

Chase Corporation was founded in 1946 and has grown to become an innovative manufacturer of advanced protective materials with a global customer base. Two operating divisions manage the development, manufacture and marketing of industry leading brands that provide highly engineered protective features for use in the demanding applications of energy, electronics, telecommunications, construction, transportation and utilities.


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