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GTI Test Report

GTI Test Report

Recently the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) conducted laboratory research and field tests to investigate the properties and performance of a number of tracer wires currently used for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Applications.

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Trace-Safe® provides the ideal solution for all your tracer wire needs.

Trace-Safe® is the only water-blocking tracer wire on the market. Its unique characteristics protect its solid copper conductor from corrosion. It enables precision locating utilizing a 19AWG conductor. NEPTCO’s cut resistance Trace-Safe® product ensures reliability, locates on frequencies of 9.5, 38, 80, and 512 KHz and outperforms competitive tracer wire products. The product is available in two versions: Trace-Safe and Trace-Safe Trench tracer wires. Trace-Safe is the strongest tracer wire on the market and eliminates the need to use two or more standard tracer wires for directional drilling applications.

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