Trace-Safe Tracer Wires

Conventional tracer wire conductors are susceptible to corrosion that will lead to signal interference and/or deterioration.

Trace-Safe® products feature unique water-blocking characteristics which eliminate conductive corrosion. Additionally, Trace-Safe’s smaller gauge conductor improves transmission of signals at low-frequency providing a more precise location.

Trace-Safe’s small conductor technology is safe to use in lightning intensive areas due to its reduced voltage carrying capacity. As a result, it protects sensitive assets such as natural gas lines and electronic telecommunications equipment.

Tracer Wire Augumented

Inside the trench

Heavy duty Trace-Safe

  • High strength, 1800 lbs, (8000 N)
  • Economical choice since only 1 wire needed for horizontal directional drilling
  • Low elongation for enhanced worker safety , no spring back
  • Lightweight and flexible makes it easy to handle and install

Trace Safe placement in micro-trench

Trace-Safe Trench

  • A perfect combination of price and performance
  • Best for an open trench, Nano and micro trench applications
  • Small enough to fit into an occupied duct
  • Lightweight and super flexible and available in long continuous lengths allowing fewer splice points and lower impedance.


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