Terra Shield


Terra Shield®

Terra Shield® is a 3/8″ thick rock shield made of closed cell polyethylene foam laminated to a polyethylene film backing.

  • Protects pipeline coatings from damage from soil stress, abrasion, rocks, and debris
  • Available in perforated and non-perforated

Rugged Wrap

Rugged Wrap is a 30 mil UV resistant mesh fiberglass wrap which provides mechanical protection for pipeline coatings.

  • Moisture activated and gives coatings increased protection from abrasion, soil stress, frost heave and mechanical damage particularly at the soil to air interface
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Most colors are UV stable


Serviwrap Servishield is:

  • High-strength, resilient, plastic, gridded mat used to offer additional physical protection for wrapped pipe applications


Serviwrap Outerwrap is:

  • UV-tolerant, tough, conformable silver PVC carrier coated with strong, pressure sensitive adhesive to offer additional mechanical strength to pipe wrapping applications

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