HumiSeal® UV550: New Generation UV Curable Conformal Coating Raises the Bar in Flexibility and Durability

HumiSeal® UV550: New Generation UV Curable Conformal Coating Raises the Bar in Flexibility and Durability 

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Chase Corporation and their Humiseal brand, the originators of conformal coating technology, continue to raise the performance bar for UV-curable materials. The introduction of their latest generation material, UV550, extends this tradition of innovation. UV550 redefines key product traits including durability under the most extreme thermal and mechanical cycling conditions. 



Humiseal UV550 is a solvent-free, UV-curable elastomeric acrylate conformal coating. The coating exhibits our highest performance to date regarding thermal and mechanical shock testing when compared to previous generation UV curable conformal coatings. It has shown the capability to withstand and resist cracking under 1000 or more cycles of thermal shock in standard testing protocols.  

Previous generation UV coatings provide excellent protection for PCBs and electronics, but have limitations due to their somewhat hard and brittle composition. HumiSeal UV550 was designed to retain the superior protective properties of traditional UV coatings, but with the ability to remain soft, flexible, and resistant to cracking under ever-increasing numbers of thermal and mechanical shock cycles.  

UV550 is compliant with key worldwide environmental standards including RoHS Directive EU 2015/863, China RoHS 2, and China Standard GB30981-2020.In addition, unlike the previous generation of UV curables, UV550 can be cured by safer and often less expensive single-wavelength LED lights. (as well as multi-wavelength mercury systems powered by Arc or Microwave). 


Potential Market Benefits 

Humiseal UV550 is a suitable alternative for nearly all typical markets utilizing traditional or UV conformal coatings. It is potentially of particular value in markets where fast curing speeds, chemical resistance, or high cycle number thermal and mechanical shock may be encountered.  

– Automotive PCBs 

– Appliance/White Goods PCBs 

– EV Charging or Batteries 

– Aerospace  


LED Curable! 

In addition to durability and flexibility, UV550 has the potential to make the transition from traditional coatings to UV curables simpler and cheaper. The unique LED curable characteristic of UV550 eliminates the need for potentially expensive fully enclosed UV ovens through the use of safer, single higher wavelength lights. This shrinks the curing footprint and lowers capital costs in most cases. Overall energy requirements and costs can also be lower with LED technology. Maintenance costs are also generally expected to be lower than tradition full spectrum UV lamps. All Humiseal UV coatings, including the new UV550, are also designed with a reliable secondary moisture cure chemistry for any small areas that may be in shadow and not exposed to sufficient UV energy. 



Chase Corporation and our Humiseal brand have been providing innovative conformal coatings for well over 50 years. We continue to manufacture and support coatings using all conformal coatings chemistries including traditional solvent-borne acrylics and urethanes, polyurethanes, silicones, and of course UV curables. This wide product range assures that we are dedicated to providing unbiased advice and supplying you with the best conformal coating solution for your specific situation. If you and your organization are just getting started with conformal coating, or if you are considering a non-VOC conformal coating solution, we stand ready to advise and support your efforts. We would ask you to consider partnership with Chase and Humiseal: a trusted and long-standing partner in navigating the pitfalls and potential benefits of choosing just the right product for your needs. 


About HumiSeal  

Chase Corporation, founded in 1946, is a market leader in protective chemicals and polymers across a wide range of industries. Chase maintains facilities in Evanston, IL, Pittsburgh, PA, Albany, NY, Westwood, MA, Taylorsville, NC, Lenoir and Granite Falls, NC and Suzhou, China, Pune India and Winnersh, United Kingdom. Additionally, Chase Electronic Coatings has a license partner in JapanOur Humiseal brand are considered one of the originators of conformal coating technology for PCBs and electronics. Chase, under the Humiseal brand, manufactures well over 60 coatings, thinners, strippers and masking materials and can also offer custom formulations. Many HumiSeal® products are qualified to MIL-I-46058C, UL746E and meets the requirements of IEC 61086 and IPC-CC-830 standards. HumiSeal is also IATF 16949 certified.  


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