Polymeric Specialty Coating, Laminating & Converting

Polymeric Specialty Coating, Laminating & Converting

Chase’s expertise lies in coating, laminating, printing, slitting, winding, weaving, and advanced pultrusion. We specialize in the formulation of a variety of polymeric coatings and laminates of films, foils, fibers, composites, papers, woven and non-woven products, as well as the application of custom adhesives and water-blocking coatings. Our capabilities are comprehensive and diverse and include state-of-the-art clean room facilities and a 150-foot tandem coating line that can handle the most complex requirements.

By utilizing our advanced production and research facilities we are able to manufacture solutions across a diverse array of product lines and materials.

We employ include continuous, web-based lamination using multiple ply, flexible laminates from a broad variety of substrates including, plastic and petroleum-based films, foils, papers, woven and non-woven fabrics and scrims as well as continuous web-based coatings using a variety of techniques and chemistries including solvent born, aqueous, solventless, UV curable and hot melt extrusion technology.

We can provide custom web-based converting services including slitting, trimming, winding/spooling, de-curling and packaging.

Products are manufactured and supplied in roll form for use in the further conversion or fabrication of finished products for specific applications as defined by the customer and/or market.

Our products support applications in a wide variety of specialty markets:

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Building & Constructions:

including HVAC cladding, flashing, vapor barriers, waterproofing membranes, ceiling tiles, roofing membranes/underlayments, flexible ducting, insulation backing, etc


including sealable, barrier, protective & conductive substrates for electrodes, grounding plates, medical devices, and specialty packaging


various other multi-ply substrates providing functional properties for applications not previously listed above.


including flame & heat shield barrier substrates, EMI & RFI shielding substrates, thermal & acoustic insulation facings

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