HumiSeal® UV80LED Dual Curable Conformal Coating


HumiSeal® UV80LED 

Dual Curable Conformal Coating

HumiSeal® UV80LED is a high solids, UV curable, urethane acrylate conformal coating. This material has been formulated at a low viscosity suitable for application using selective coating equipment and can be cured by LED UV systems to give a tack free coating

HumiSeal® UV80LED has been specifically developed to:

  • Have a viscosity suitable for film coater application without the need for pre-heating
  • Have high electrical properties that exceed over 5 Log(Ohms) passing IPC-CC-830 requirements according to IPC TM 650
  • Fluorescence under UV light allows coating
  • Be cured tack-free using a UV LED lamp system
  • Have a secondary cure mechanism that will fully cure any unexposed areas of the coating within 7 days at ambient conditions to give a transparent solid

HumiSeal® UV80LED meets the following standards:

  • 符合RoHS指令EU 2015/863的规定
  • 符合中国RoHS 2标准
  • 符合中国标准GB30981-202
  • Contains no SVHCs to EU REACH 1907 Directive

Properties of HumiSeal® UV80LED Liquid Coatings


财产 价值
最低固体含量,%(重量)。 98 %
Viscosity, at 25°C 50 to 100 Centipoise
室温下的保质期,DOM 12个月
Recommended UV or LED Cure 1.08
粘度 见下面的固化

Properties of HumiSeal® UV80LED Cured Coatings

财产 价值
涂层厚度,按照IPC指南的建议 25 - 125微米
涂层厚度,根据应用的建议 30 – 130 microns
达到最佳性能的时间 7 days after UV LED cure
操作温度范围 -65°C至150°C
热冲击,根据IPC-TM-650,等级3 -65°C至125°C
玻璃转化温度 - DSC 45°C
绝缘耐受电压(根据MIL-I-46058C)。 >1500V
表面绝缘电阻(根据IPC J-STD-004(修改))。 10.5 log Ohms
可燃性,根据UL-94 TBD
Dielectric Strength 60kV/mm
体积电阻率 1 x 1014 Ohms / cm

Application of HumiSeal® UV80LED

A minimum temperature of 16°C and 50% Relative Humidity is recommended for application.

保形涂料可以成功地应用于涂装前已经清洁过的基材,也可以应用于用低残留、"不清洁 "的装配材料装配的基材。用户应该进行充分的测试以确认保形涂料和他们特定的装配材料、工艺条件和清洁度水平之间的兼容性。请联系HumiSeal®获取更多信息。


HumiSeal® UV80LED can be applied via standard selective coating equipment or by conventional hand spray equipment. The air source used for spraying must be dry (a dry air supply or dry inert gas (nitrogen or argon) is highly recommended) to prevent premature curing of the secondary cure mechanism. The spraying should be done with adequate ventilation so that the vapor and mist are carried away from the operator.


HumiSeal® UV80LED may be applied by brush for rework or touch-up only. Brush must be cleaned with solvent promptly after use.


HumiSeal® UV80LED is a highly crosslinked coating. To achieve maximum crosslinking density, the product must be exposed to the correct spectral output. HumiSeal has modeled the performance of UV80LED LV using 385nm and 395nm LED lamp units. A minimum dose of 3 J/cm2 is recommended. (Values measured with a EIT LED radiometer). A higher dose will not be detrimental to the material.

Due to the effects of oxygen inhibition, there may be a slight residual tack immediately after cure however, this disappears after a short period of time. The cure recommendations may change as curing technology develops.

Heat is also an important component with UV cure, and different systems produce different heat outputs. Higher heat levels allow UV cure at lower dose/irradiance levels. Consequently, HumiSeal recommends that curing is discussed with HumiSeal® Technical staff to ensure the exact customer process being used will meet the coating cure requirements.

HumiSeal® UV80LED contains a reliable secondary moisture cure mechanism which will cure any shadow areas on the assembly within 7 days at ambient moisture. It is recommended that the relative humidity is above 50% to enable the secondary cure mechanism to take place.

To flush equipment and clean uncured HumiSeal® UV80LED LV, non-alcohol based solvents should be used. HumiSeal® Thinner 73, 521or 521EU are recommended.


HumiSeal® UV80LED LV is a highly crosslinked UV cured coating. The cured film has a high degree of environmental and chemical resistance and will be more difficult to remove than traditional conformal coatings. Thermal displacement and mechanical abrasion are suitable options for rework of HumiSeal® UV80LED LV.


HumiSeal® UV80LED is photosensitive. The product should not be exposed to direct sunlight or full-spectrum fluorescent lighting. HumiSeal® UV80LED LV should be stored between 5 to 30°C, to maximize shelf life. Temporary storage at 40C, for example during transport, should not deteriorate the stability of the material.

Prior to use, allow the product to equilibrate for 24 hours at room temperature. HumiSeal® UV80LED LV is a moisture curing material and care should be taken to protect process vessels and partial containers from moisture.



Application of HumiSeal® Conformal Coatings should be carried out in accordance with local and National Health and Safety regulations. Use only in well-ventilated areas to avoid inhalation of vapours or spray.