Cable Materials

power cable tapes

Power Cable Tapes

Coated conductive or nonconductive fabrics, either woven or non-woven, used as binder, bedding, or barrier tapes for cables.

Water Blocking Materials

High viscosity semi-conductive compounds or water-swellable tapes.

Communication Cable Tapes

Communication Cable Tapes

Film binders, film/foil laminates and other specialty tape constructions for cables.


Outside Plant Products

The leading brands for contractors and utility workers for measuring, pulling, and locating.

Chase Corporation is the home of high-quality, high-performance tapes and sealants used to insulate, bind, and shield energy and communication cables.

Our extensive range of products includes:

  • shielding tapes for electronics, control, communication, and other cable applications,

Features & Benefits

Heat resistant Shielding Water-blocking Lubricant Semiconductive

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Electronics, Control, Communication, and other cable applications

Energy Cable Components

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