Cable Materials

Cable Materials

power cable tapes

Power Cable Tapes

Coated conductive or nonconductive fabrics, either woven or non-woven, used as binder, bedding, or barrier tapes for cables.

Water Blocking Materials

High viscosity semi-conductive compounds or water-swellable tapes.

Communication Cable Tapes

Communication Cable Tapes

Film binders, film/foil laminates and other specialty tape constructions for cables.

Chase Corporation is the home of high-quality, high-performance tapes and sealants used to insulate, bind, and shield energy and communication cables.

Our extensive range of products includes:

  • shielding tapes for electronics, control, communication, and other cable applications,

Features & Benefits

Heat resistantShieldingWater-blockingLubricantSemiconductive

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Electronics, Control, Communication, and other cable applications

Energy Cable Components

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