E-Crete 57N Elastomeric Concrete – Expansion Joints

E-Crete No. 57N is supplied in kit form as a 100% solids, self-leveling, three component, modified urethane system developed for use with specially blended aggregates. E-Crete No. 57N is primarily used as a header material in the CEVA® Expansion Joint Systems. E-Crete No. 57N has the unique ability to absorb energy from impact loads and disperse this energy throughout the header material, r educing cracking and spalling. It has excellent adhesion to asphalt, concrete, and steel surfaces. For application at a minimum of 40°F (4.5°C) ambient and surface temperatures.


3 Component Kit Premeasured ratios allow for easy mixing in the field. No proportioning necessary.
Mix with high torque mortar mixer drill or equivalent Reduced equipment and labor costs.
Fast cure/set time Allows for a quick return to service, 2 hours after placement at ambient temperature.



  • Nosing material in armorless joint systems


  • Bridges/Highways
  • Parking Decks
  • Roadways
  • Commercial Structures
  • Airports (Tarmac & Gate Areas Only)


  • Asphalt
  • Steel
  • Steel