Royston® 754 Low VOC Tac Coat

Royston® 754 Low VOC Tac Coat is a solvent based, cold applied, high performance elastomeric adhesive. Royston®’s carefully balanced solvent blend allows for minimized drying time along with easy application using roller, brush, airless sprayer or standard asphalt distributor.

Features Benefits
Liquid form at ambient temperatures Allows for easy application without need for heating
Low VOC content Able to be used in areas with VOC Restrictions
Single Component No proportioning required



  •  Royston® 754 Low VOC Tac Coat is designed to be used as a bond/tack coat between the substrate and the Rosphalt® or Rosphalt® LT waterproofing overlay.
  • This adhesive is a highly effective tack coat for bare concrete when Rosphalt® is the desired overlay solution. The elastomeric base of the Royston® 754 Low VOC Tac Coat enhances the adhesion of the Rosphalt® overlay to the concrete substrate.


  • Bridges/Highways
  • Parking Decks
  • Roadways
  • Commercial Structures
  • Airports (Tarmac & Gate Areas Only) Substrate
  • Concrete