Petrolatum/Wax Tapes

Longwrap_Petrolatum_Wax_TapePetrolatum/Wax Tapes

Color Coat Wax Tape 

Tapecoat Color Coat is a 60 mil wax based tape ideal for coating irregular surfaces:

  • VOC Free with no odor for application in confined space
  • UV stable and can be applied above and below ground
  • Highly conformable and can be applied over most stable surfaces
  • Minimal surface preparation and can be applied over damp/wet substrates
  • Meets NACE RP0375 (Cold-Applied Wax-Tape Coating System) and ANSI/AWWA C217

Temperate / Tropical Tape
Longwrap Temperate and Tropical tapes:

  • Cold applied, petrolatum tapes manufactured with a polyester fabric carrier
  • They are ideal for wrapping buried and exposed pipework, valves, couplings, flanges, and flange adaptors
  • Highly conformable


Longwrap Hotcote Petrolatum Tapes are:

  • Specially developed petrolatum tape for the protection of pipes and fittings where a continuous “in service” temperature range of up to 120ºC (249°F) is anticipated.

Tapecoat Envirotape 

  • Can operate at temperatures up to 121°C (250°F)
  • A cold applied tape which is highly conformable
  • Can be applied on wet or dry surfaces

Marine Tapes
Longwrap Marine Petrolatum Tapes:

  • Cold applied tapes manufactured with a polyester fabric
  • Ideal for wrapping pipes and fittings in marine applications

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